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Preparing For Your Session

General Information


Make sure you bring your own wardrobe with plenty of options. You will have a clothing rack and a dressing room for your clothes. It is generally a good idea to bring plain, less distracting clothes. Avoid stripes. Plan ahead of time how you would like to market yourself. Consult with your manager on what you should bring. Coming prepared will allow for more shooting time.


It is recommended that you bring makeup with you. It can get hot and sweaty in the studio and you might want to reapply as you go. You're welcome to bring your own MUA if desired. 


There's so much that goes into getting headshots that it can get overwhelming. And there's also the added pressure of getting the most out of an expensive session. If you don't have representation yet, that can make the process feel all even more daunting or even inaccessible.


I spent time working in talent management, learning how managers work with their clients, especially with headshots. I'm here to use what I learned to help unrepresented, new actors make a big step towards a bright future in this industry.

What You'll Be Getting

  • Assistance with learning how to market yourself based on the types of roles you're interested in and what kind of actor you want to be. Based on this information, I'll help you get the right style of headshots. 

  • A more collaborative experience and an in depth explanation of the process and how to appeal to a casting director.

  • Wardrobe consultation prior to appointment.

  • Assistance with styling and putting together looks during the session.

  • Cheaper rates for extra retouched headshots

  • A collection of hand-picked headshot examples that will better help you find your groove and know how to pose for shots and what facial expressions to make.

I'm willing to do the work that a top notch manager would normally do for only an extra $45. 

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